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Day Respite Center

The Day Respite Center currently operates Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. It provides a space for community, health checks, showers, warm meals, laundry and connection to basic necessities. We operate as a "Navigation Center" and offer case management, entry to county services and support for longer term needs.  


Emergency Warming Center

The Emergency Warming Center is open on only the most severe weather nights, November - April. The center provides our guests a warm, dry, safe place to stay overnight. ​

Weather triggers (15 degrees or less, a foot or more of snow overnight and other severe weather conditions) will activate the EWC. A weekly schedule will be posted on Wednesdays. To find out if the EWC is open, you may call the program phone: 530-386-7954, check out our Facebook page or email and request to be added to the email list for open notifications.

Street Outreach

We have two part-time employees that execute Street Outreach services. They partner with the Homeless Outreach coordinator from Sierra Community House. Utilizing a team approach they meet neighbors where they are, develop relationships, provide basic necessities and encourage individuals to engage in other available programs.

Case Management & Housing Support

We have two case managers who focus on helping neighbors collect their needed documentation and connecting them to services and benefits. The entire team works to support as many people as possible with steps needed to get newly homeless neighbors back into housing quickly. Our goal is to support our longer term homeless with the ability to qualify for low-income apartments, while helping them increase their income sources and apply for permanent housing vouchers. We provide support for direct service coordination and work to prevent neighbors from becoming homeless and to adjust to being housed and remaining housed.